Welcome Father Robert Pajor Newly Appointed Pastor St. Gerald Parish!

Dear St. Gerald Family,

My name is Fr. Robert Pajor and as you already know our Archbishop Blasé Cupich has appointed me the new Pastor of St. Gerald Parish in Oak Lawn. I feel so honored and blessed as I am about to join the great Community of St. Gerald.

We will have many opportunities to get to know each other, but please let me share just a few things about myself in this short article.

I was born and raised in Poland. My parents and grandparents raised me to be a Catholic who respects, loves and serves those around him. My mom passed away a couple of years ago and my father lives in Poland with two of my sisters. I have three younger sisters, two of them live in southern Poland (near Krakow) and the youngest one lives in United Kingdom. Even though I live far away from my family I love them very much and I keep in touch with them very often. Recently there is a lot of excitement in my family because my middle sister Margaret is expecting her first baby boy anytime now.

God has always been good to me and He continues to bless me now as I am about to begin my ministry at St. Gerald Parish. Serving as a priest is the joy of my life. But I also have many hobbies like music or cooking (I even graduated from culinary school in Poland a long time ago).

I know you are a great Community of believers and I can’t wait to meet you all. Thank you so much for your faithfulness and generosity to St. Gerald especially during this difficult time. You are just wonderful.

And please be patient with me as I learn your ways of doing things and celebrating sacraments at St. Gerald.

For the first time in my life I am moving to live in the south suburbs, and I am proud I will be serving at the oldest, and of course greatest Parish in that beautiful town. Soon, together we will praise God and make a difference.

May God bless you all my friends.

Fr. Robert