Mr. Theis Retirement

Dear Families of St. Gerald School and Parish,

Not quite 10 years ago, Fr. Malcolm and I spoke about the job of Principal at St. Gerald School.  I jumped at the chance.  Of course, I was in need of a job, but more so because my boss would be Fr. Malcolm.   Many know that Fr. Malcolm and I had worked together previously when he was an Associate Pastor at St. Bede at 83rd and Kostner.  I was Youth Minister and DRE there, at that time.  For almost a decade back then both of us knew and trusted our mutual commitment to further the Kingdom of God through school and parish work.

So having the privilege of working for the Good Lord for 20 some years of my career with a terrific priest as a collaborator certainly has been a highlight.  On June 30 I will conclude 42 years with the Archdiocese of Chicago in many different roles, the last 17 years as Catholic School Principal.  It is time to move on to new pursuits, and a little bit more time for family.  ‘Family comes first’ has been one of my favorite phrases when working with people I supervised in the work place.  Now I’ll need to live by my words more than ever.

St. Gerald will always hold a special place in my heart.  I hope I’ve helped a number of you.  I know for some individuals I may have failed in some way, I hope you will forgive me.   I often pray for the people I work with, and I won’t stop that good habit.  If I begin to thank specific people in this letter,  I’d have to go on a long time,  and I’d likely forget someone important,  so I will ask the Lord to reward all those who have been part of my experience here, many times over in my prayers.

For those who put up with my singing at Dinner Dances, please know I had fun doing it, even if your ears suffered some.  Please be good to the new Principal and new Pastor, they will need your support, I fear both jobs are getting harder all the time.  I know you will continue to be a parish and school where everyone pitches in, it is one of your hallmarks. The Faculty and Parish staff are top notch, you are fortunate to have such a giving crew keeping St. Gerald alive and thriving.  To all the families, I hold you in my heart, and I ask God to Bless Us Everyone!

Sincerely,   Mr. Al Theis

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