St. Gerald Manna Program



What is the Manna Program?

The Manna Program is an opportunity to purchase a variety of gift cards and receive a rebate towards tuition.

Manna has been a part of St. Gerald for over 20 years and benefits the school community in two ways. First, it directly reduces tuition costs for participants. Secondly it supports the technology program by maintaining, repairing and replacing existing equipment and programs. Each year, if funds allow, a project is chosen by the Pastor and Principal to use accumulated Manna funds to enhance the technology of the school. Manna also supports monthly technology maintenance expenses as the funds allow.

How does it work?

Because we purchase gift cards in large quantities from local vendors, we receive a rebate. We pass on a part of that rebate in the form of a tuition credit to you.  Every two months, a tuition earnings credit will be posted on your Smart Tuition account.  If your tuition is paid up, you can receive a credit for next year or a cash payment.

What if I do not have a student attending St. Gerald School?

Your tuition credits can be applied to your child’s REY, High School or College Tuition. You can apply your credits to another family, an unspecified needy family, St. Gerald Parish or the Technology Program.

How do I get started?

Contact the Development Office at We will send you a registration form and an order form to get you started. We will be announcing new cash & carry dates after the Archdiocese lifts their restrictions on use of parish buildings due to the COVID 19 pandemic. At this time, all orders are placed by emailing Pickup will be at a specific time and place, to be announced. New order forms will be available on the school and parish websites and will be emailed to all registered participants once a month.

Just a few of our vendors:

Grocery: GFS, Jack & Pats, Jewel, Mariano, Meier’s, Pete’s and Joe & Franks

Gasoline: BP, Marathon, Shell and Speedway

Specialty Foods: Delicious Creations, Great American Bagel, and Fannie May

Beauty: New Day Spa, Sally Beauty and Ulta Cosmetics

Visa now comes in $50, $100 and $ 250

Kohl’s, Target, Walmart and many other retailers

Multiple fast food and other restaurants, please consult the order form

Manna Quick Links:

Full Vendor List [pdf]

Registration Form [pdf]

Order Form [xls]



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